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Kickass Serverside Modification

Welcome to the information page for the Serverside Modification UltraAOW.
Ultra All Out War developed by MPF is a serverside modification with a bunch of new extra commands, new custom taunt sounds, custom player text and icon tags, killingspree notifications, player bounty hunting, purchasable defenses, special powerups and special crates.

We also have our own Veterancy System integrated into the server. You can achieve 12 levels of veterancy: Amateur, Experienced, Corporal, Sergeant, Advanced, Vanguard, Veteran, Ensign, Elite, Lieutenant, Commando & Hero which all have their extra's and upgrades such as additional weaponry, extra health or armor and even health or armor regeneration.

Our server requires you to be running the latest Tiberian Technologies script updated files which at the time of writing is version 4.2 Final
If you do not already have it then please get the client installation from their official website below:
tiberiantechnologies official download site

In addition to 4.2, many D3 and MPF maps require a special keys.cfg to execute commands on the server for deploying vehicles, placing obstacles and mines and other functions. You can download the automatic installer here or the manual installation zip here.

Using TT 4.2 Final Update you can download maps while connecting or playing on our server automatically. However if you have a somewhat slower connection that may cause lag issues sometimes. We also provide a mappack which you can download and pre-install before joining, this way you rarely need to download anything while ingame. You can download the mappack here (1.15GB).

Also note you will be able to join our server through RenList's GSA features
In addition to RenList you may also connect to our server through XWIS by selecting the serverhost 'newmaps' or 'snipers'. For instructions to use XWIS please see this link (valid serial required).

Latest News

Grand Prize Contest - Results

Results are in after some delay. Click the link for more information and see who are the winners!

CLICK HERE to View the Winners for August 2015 Marathon *NEW* Marathon
MPF has been working on a new server for you all to enjoy: A Marathon server!!
It is listed on XWIS/WOL as UltraWAR and on RenList of course too. Go on and favorite it :)
It will be set without a Timelimit (Marathon) and have the Westwood (modified) maps in rotation.
There is also a new custom veterancy in this server which will be explained in this post.

IRC Channel
The irc channel can be found at #MPF-Marathon.

Veterancy Information
To lookup your veterancy please type !vet or if you have our keys config file you can press the HOME key to quickly look it up.
On the Marathon server you will LOSE some veterancy points when you die, a penalty, the amount of points you lose depend on the character you are.
Below is a list of implemented veterancy point awards and requirements:

  • Veteran_Points_Required_Level_1_Experienced=2500
  • Veteran_Points_Required_Level_2_Veteran=5000
  • Veteran_Points_Required_Level_3_Elite=7500
  • Veteran_Points_Required_Level_4_Colonel=10000
  • Veteran_Points_Required_Level_5_Commando=15000
  • Veteran_Points_Character_Repair=33
  • Veteran_Points_Defenses_Repair=77
  • Veteran_Points_Vehicle_Repair=44
  • Veteran_Points_Harvester_Repair=150
  • Veteran_Points_Beacon_Denied=111
  • Veteran_Points_Beacon_Last_Second_Save=555
  • Veteran_Points_Building_Repair=55
  • Veteran_Points_Building_Destroyed=1500
And of course you get veteran points for killing vehicles and characters, the amount varies per vehicle and character where more expensive units grant more veteran points than less expensive units.
You get slightly more points for killing Harvesters and Defenses in Marathon mode.

You receive a little silver star for every veteran level you achieve with a maximum of five which is the last level: Commando.
The silver star models were created by our ImperialKaskins also known as IK :) Here some screenshots of them:

Right now - it will be expanded on later - veterancy levels increase your health and armor a little bit and you unlock commands such as !turret, !cannon, !guntower and !samsite to build those objects.
The cannons when exited will be taken over by AI and fire at enemies until someone enters it again.
You can also upgrade any vehicle you enter once when you level up with your veterancy and grant it 10hp/ap extra.

Alternative Vehicle and Character Skins
There are several series of Skins available for various units in Marathon.
You can get cool looking Mammoth Tanks with a CnC3 type skin or a nice leather/crodocile look. For nod there are also special Bright vehicle skins which look really good.
Check out the Sexy Sakura and Hotwire too! Created originally by Mauler. Some screenshots below:

Vehicle Skins:

Rotating MRLS is in Stock
The second MRLS on the Purchase Menu, the Crocodile camo version, is able to rotate its turret around.
Some people will like this as they can then fire behind their MRLS and stuff. :)

Quake Sounds
There are various new Quake Sounds available in Marathon including the Headshot sound and Vehicular Manslaughter when you run people over.
Numerous special Quake Sounds are also heared when you double kill, triple kill, and kill more for other sounds.
A simple Humiliation sound is there for when you get owned by the Harvester. :P
A complete list, where Godlike is the final sound you can get and requires 35 kills without dying:
Unlimited Ammo & Calling Supplies
The server has unlimited ammo for all weapons but C4's and Beacons.
You can however call in an Supply Airdrop at will using the command !ammo to refill your C4/Proxies for $750 credits and once every minute.

Ranking Statistics<-- over there

Map Rotation
Field, Mesa, CanyonD, Walls_Flying, Islands, City_Flying, Hourglass
Volcano and Complex are being worked on as we write this.

Thanks All
Thank you everyone for joining our servers! Please continue to do so and have fun! :)

NewMaps in Gamespy Mode

It appears that XWIS is currently down. We've started the NewMaps server in Gamespy mode for the time being.
Once XWIS i back up we'll put it back on there along with Gamespy.

Edit: Server is back in XWIS / WOL mode.

New upcoming Prize Contest! All play...

UltraAOW NewMaps Prize Week August 2015
Starting on August the 1st and ending on August the 8th:
All be there! We got several prizes for this event for various rank types such as most kills, most score and best k/d.
(Available on Steam ONLY) steamlogo.png (Available on Steam ONLY)


OMG OMG OMG Promotion Time!

Everyone join me in welcoming ImperialKaskins as our newest member of #Staff.


He has been a valued member of the MPF community with many contributions.



UltraAOW Trailer

Watch our video trailer and see why on earth you should join us :) Created by Bazil, Kenz and Mauler.

Tiberium Crystal War

An awesome standalone conversion of the Renegade Engine with CnC3 buildings, units, and assets in a First Person Shooter. (website)