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For all those who want to play ImperialKaskins's masterpieces online we decided to prepare a Standalone Installation of the game which can be ran without having Renegade Installed.
Click the button below to view the information page on indiedb, vote for us and download it:
Renegade Imperial Age Renegade Imperial Age 1.0

Server Status

NewMaps |(33446) |9vs8 |(59759)|C&C_Ulake_G11.mix | NewMaps Stats Here | Snipers Stats Here.

UltraAOW TeamSpeak Viewer


Kickass Serverside Modification

Welcome to the information page for the Serverside Modification UltraAOW.
Ultra All Out War developed by MPF-Games is a serverside modification with a bunch of new extra commands, new custom taunt sounds, custom player text and icon tags, killingspree notifications, player bounty hunting, purchasable defenses, special powerups and special crates.

We also have our own Veterancy System integrated into the server. You can achieve 12 levels of veterancy: Amateur, Experienced, Corporal, Sergeant, Advanced, Vanguard, Veteran, Ensign, Elite, Lieutenant, Commando & Hero which all have their extra's and upgrades such as additional weaponry, extra health or armor and even health or armor regeneration.

Our server requires you to be running the latest Tiberian Technologies script updated files which at the time of writing is version 4.1 Final
If you do not already have it then please get the client installation from their official website below:
tiberiantechnologies official download site

In addition to 4.1, many G10 and MPF maps require a special keys.cfg to execute commands on the server for deploying vehicles, placing obstacles and mines and other functions. You can download this file here.

Using TT 4.1 Final Update you can download maps while connecting or playing on our server automatically. However if you have a somewhat slower connection that may cause lag issues sometimes. We also provide a mappack which you can download and pre-install before joining, this way you rarely need to download anything while ingame. You can download the mappack here (894MB).

Also note you will be able to join our server through RenList's GSA features
In addition to RenList you may also connect to our server through XWIS by selecting the serverhost 'newmaps' or 'snipers'. For instructions to use XWIS please see this link (valid serial required).

Latest News

Twitch Channel

By: zunnie on Sep 19 2014

Keep checking back here regularly for some fun live streams of me (zunnie) playing Renegade and Imperial Age.

New Mappack v19.0 Released

By: zunnie on Sep 19 2014

New Mappack v19.0
A new mappack was generated today for our NewMaps 4.1 server:
Download Here @ MPF (1.01 GB)


Renegade Imperial Age v1.11 Released

By: zunnie on Sep 19 2014

Imperial Age v1.11 Released
Our Team has finished the new client version 1.11 just now.
All content is currently active on the server.
Brand new map included: Battle for Midway. ( Screenshot )

To download Imperial Age v1.11 click one of the mirrors below:
- Mirror 1:
- Mirror 2:
- Mirror 3:

If you already had v.1.10 installed, no need to worry, just install this on top of that installation.
However, in some cases it is recommended to do a clean install, in that case simply delete the old folder.
Default installation folder is C:\MPF Games\Renegade Imperial Age\

Help & Common Issues
For help with (common) errors please visit and maybe post in the Support Forums.

Thank you
Thank you for downloading Renegade Imperial Age v1.11

Community vs. MPF Moderators

By: zunnie on Sep 16 2014

Renegade Community Members vs.Renegade MPF Moderators
Hello fellow Renegade Community Members :)
We would like to play a couple of matches between people from the Renegade Community and the Renegade MPF Moderators.
Pretty much everyone is welcome to join these Community League Matches.

When will this great take place?
The current date set is Saturday the 27th of September 2014.
The whole day we will be joining the server with team changing enabled where our Regegade MPF Moderators will join one team and any Renegade Community Members who signed up will join the other team.

Maprotation, Rules & Settings?
We will run our default NewMaps rotation including the G10 Series from ImperialKaskins. To minimize the ingame downloading we recommend to download the mappack and install it prior to joining.
The server might be passworded and those who signed up will receive the password to join, in case it is not passworded, the moderators will place players on the correct team.
Detailed Rules are explained in this topic here.
The server will be set to 80 players maximum. (~40 MPF Moderators & ~40 Community Members)

Client Requirements
As always the server is running TT41+Dragonade with our NewMaps special plugins and functions.
The Tiberian Technologies 4.1 Update is required to play on the server, you cannot join without it.

Sign Up Now!
We are looking for around 30-40 players to be available on this day for some matches against our Renegade MPF Moderators.
To sign up simply register on our forums at by clicking here.
Click on the "Add me into this war" button on this page.

Good Luck Everyone

MPF Keys.cfg Installer

By: zunnie on Sep 16 2014


Special Key Binds
The ImperialKaskins G-Series and some other MPF maps use special keybinds to do stuff such as deploying vehicles, deploying barbwires and other blockers, deploying mines and even launching Orca's from the Orca Lifter Vehicle.
Note that this also includes the key configurations for NewMaps 4.x and the mod called CnC Assault. Visit their website at

You must have the special keys.cfg in your Documents\Renegade\Client folder for this to function.

Where to get it?

How to install?
Simply run and install it. Do not change the destination folder unless you know what to do with it and it is required.

If you have questions or troubles please post here.


UltraAOW Trailer

Watch our video trailer and see why on earth you should join us :) Created by Bazil, Kenz and Mauler.

Tiberium Crystal War

An awesome standalone conversion of the Renegade Engine with CnC3 buildings, units, and assets in a First Person Shooter. (website)